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The OSIP has an open mailing list for our latest announcements, including invitations to our quarterly meetings, reminders for upcoming OSIP events and open-science related surveys. The list is open to all members of the Department of Psychology, ranging from students to postdocs to professors. We gladly welcome all psychologists interested in making research at our Department more transparent. 

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The mailing list is curated by the OSIP’s steering committee Ramona Schödel, Lena Schiestel and Larissa Sust.

If you have any questions or requests regarding the OSIP or Open Science in general, feel free to contact us via osip@psy.lmu.de !

As we are an initiative focused on psychological research only, we want to refer members of other departments to LMU’s interdisciplinary Open Science Center.

Voluntary Commitment to Research Transparency

Sign the voluntary commitment to research transparency here .